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Listing Created For Mohammed Ahmed #2

RM 599.40 MYR
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1x B-178 01 First Uranus 00 Metal Accel 1D USD14.90
1x B-191 Layer: Savior Perseus-3 USD4.00
1x B-192 Layer: Greatest Raphael USD5.50
1x B-178 08 Revive Phoenix 4 Metal Defense USD12.40
1x B-164 06 Union Spriggan Outer Quick' Zan USD12.40
1x B-198 02 Chain Ragnaruk Tapered Accel'-10 USD17.40
1x B-198 06 Cyclone Valkyrie Giga High Eternal-3 USD17.40
1x Layer: Poison Dragon Zan (B156 05/RB 18) USD3.95
1x Layer: Flare Dragon Sen (B-146 01/Random Booster 16) USD4.95
1x Layer: Ace Ashura Retsu (BBG-30/B-00) USD4.45
1x Ring & Chip: B-179 Booster Death Solomon USD4.95
1x Ring & Chip: Variant Lucifer B-169 USD1.95
1x Layer: Venom Diabolos GT B-00 Booster Venom Diabolos Vanguard Bullet - Red Dragon Ver. USD4.95

Total: USD109.20

after 5% off USD103.70

shipping cost to Saudi Arabia USD46.15 (Air Parcel up to 16 days from the day shipped)

Total including shipping: USD149.85