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[ZONE 6 BULK] Beyblade Stadium Stand 3.0 Extendable (Red) Suitable For Takara Tomy DB/Dash/Standard Beystadium (B-09/33/174/182/183/190) |Beyfan

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Product Description

Portable Beyblade Stadium Stand 3.0 - Extendable (Red)

You'll get (each set):
1. Beyblade stadium stand (standard height ver.) complete set
2. Beyblade stadium stand (short ver.) complete set
Limited-time free gift: Scoreboard, bag & belt

*Minor flaws on Impra Board (commonly for industrial use) are unavoidable. Our team hand-picked the best material they could to produce this stadium stand.

This product is genuinely designed and produced by our team.
Our stadium stands the official stadium stands of Beyblade Premier events used in the WBO tournaments in US Florida. To watch unboxing video and learn more about this product, visit our YouTube Channel: Beyfan Store Channel

Precautions: Children must use this product under parental supervision.

Disclaimer: The product you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of this product being handmade. Please also allow slight differences due to manual measurement. Product images are for illustrative purposes and the colour may differ from the actual product due to differences in monitors.

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